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MAY 2015 - AUG 2015

"Mr. Golebie's performance was excellent. He had a positive impact on the children he worked with and conducted himself professionally at all times. He was consistently willing to be flexible and worked hard to meet daily goals."

-Director of Learning Support, Camp A.I.M

Working for Camp A.I.M. was an incredible and eye-opening experience. As a counselor, I was responsible for 10 special needs children as I formulated and executed a daily schedule with activities geared towards the campers interests and ability levels. My kids were high-school aged (14-18), a few of which were non-verbal, with various learning disabilities including autism and down's syndrome. Over the duration of the camp, I had to maintain parent contact to provide updates on activities and resolve any issues with their child’s behavior. Though this position was both physically and mentally draining, it was incredibly rewarding knowing that I was able to brighten these kids day, week, and summer.

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