"The video is FANTASTIC!  I LOVE it, it’s PERFECT! It is really, really awesome.  I am so excited to show my husband!  He is going to love it too! "

-Client after viewing anniversary video

MAY 2014 - MAY 2016


The summer after my freshmen year of college I decided to forgo the usual college student Summer jobs to pursue freelance graphic design. I started with the goal of earning more over the course of the summer than I would have, had I worked a part-time, minimum wage job. As a freelancer, I learned how to effectively multitask to complete all my projects within the deadlines I had established with my clients, while maintaining the exceptional quality of work and attention to detail that I expect of myself. I also utilized my problem-solving skills to find creative and effective design solutions while remaining flexible to the interests and direction of the client, allowing me to easily surpass my goal. Clients included friends, former coworkers, local organizations, and one of the Pittsburgh Steelers! This endeavor was so successful that I continued to take on freelance projects on the side for the next few years.